describe your style.

Long Answer:  My style is fine art storytelling which stems from love of unique composition & photojournalism.  In essence I am exactly that - a storyteller through pictures.  I capture the energy of the day, unscripted emotion and moments whilst weaving these images together to tell the tale the wedding day.

Short Answer:  In 3 words - Vibrant. Creative. Storytelling

Do you like to pose pictures and we feel awkward in front of the camera.

Posing images does not fit into my style of shooting,  however I do guide you here and there during the couple shoot and portrait sessions where needed.  The most memorable photographs are those that are not forced and capture the genuine connection between you and your person.

It is also totally normal feeling awkward or even anxious about having your photograph taken. Over the years I have built up quite a few tips and tricks that I do on my side which helps create an interaction between the two of you which in return creates natural moments. 

Do you only shoot weddings?

Nope, I don't only shoot weddings.  I also shoot lifestyle.  So all those precious life milestone moments.   I shoot anything that speaks to my heart so if it is not a wedding or lifestyle shoot you are looking for just send me a message and we can chat. 

Do you shoot family photos at weddings?

Yes and no.  I do know the importance of the family photos as it is not everyday where you have the whole family together and it is important to capture this.  We normally set aside time after the ceremony before the couple shoot to take these photographs.  I normally recommend 10 maximum and to have a list of who needs to be in each photo beforehand.  This way we save some time and also ensure we don't miss anyone.

No, I do not take those table group shots where all your guests stand around their table.  I will be taking candid shots throughout the reception of everyone having a great time.  I will also be more than happy if you call me over and ask me to take a picture of you and your school friend, etc

how do we go about planning our timeline

I love this question; I am quite an organised person so I strive off lists and planning  :) 

For more or less traditional weddings I always recommend starting with the time that the sun sets (45 minutes before this is the best time for the couple shoot) and working backwards to determine ceremony start time.

I will work closely with you on your timeline to make sure you have enough time for all the aspects of the day.  

You can of course go against tradition and have a morning elopement with breakfast after the ceremony or a wedding ceremony that starts at sunset, etc.  Both of which I have photographed and loved.

The “R” word. What happens if it rains?

Over many years of shooting weddings and having my own wedding in the pouring rain, I have gained quite a bit of experience with shooting in all conditions.  At any given time you can go look in the boot of my car and find a minimum of 8 umbrellas and a few ponchos.

I am comfortable running around and shooting couple shoots in the rain - if the couple is up for it.  Otherwise we can wait it out for a bit.  I have even photographed a ceremony in the rain before.

At the end of the day you are commiting to spending forever with your Person and that is all that matters and if something does not go as planned on the day, just go with it and don't stress.  Don't let anything steal your light and joy on your wedding day :)

do you require a place to sit at the reception?

Yes please,  best case scenario is a little table and chair where I can leave all my gear.  This way I won't have to disturb your other quests at the table as I will be getting up often.

A vegetarian meal and something to drink will help me stay engergised to capture all the reception moments.  If I could also eat at the same time that the couple eats that would be perfect then I won't miss any of the formalities.

do you travel for weddings?

Yes!!! Most definitely.  Traveling the globe and locally is a big part of my personal life so I am very happy when I get to combine my passion for photographing love stories and travel.

Standard travel fees apply, but if I am already in your country or city at the time or if it is somewhere I have dreamt of shooting or visiting we can definitely chat about travel fees.

Check my Instagram feed for upcoming travel dates.

how do I secure our wedding date

A 50% deposit and a signed contract is required.  I take bookings up to 12 months in advance.  Popular dates are normally booked between 6 and 12 months in advance.

Can we buy an album after our wedding

Yes of course.  You are welcome to purchase an album or an extra album at anytime even if it is a year after your wedding.  

do you back up photos?

Most definitely.  As I am shooting I am doing the first back up as I am shooting on two memory cards simultaneously.  Before the night is over I will back up onto a hard drive.  I also keep your high resolution images for 5 years.

I do strongly suggest you make your own back ups once you receive your usb.

what is the best way to enquire?

Feel free to send me a message here or send an email to

If you would like to chat face to face before you decide on booking your photographer we can definitely have a chat over skype or have a cup of something close to Wendywood, Sandton.