Meet Megan

Photographer | Wife | Mommy | Bush Lover | Tea Pot | Believer | Adventure Seeker | Sweet Tooth

Originally from the Transkei in the Eastern Cape I now live in Johannesburg, South Africa with my husband Jonathan, daughter Quinn and two pooches (Baxter & Lucy).  I have an adventurous spirit, a great love for our country and have a serious case of the travel bug.  

Being creative has always been a part of me in some sort of way.  Photography has been a constant in my life for as long as I can remember so becoming a photographer of people has been the most natural, smooth and organic transition. 

I really do believe that my camera is an extension of me - of my heart, and I honestly believe that I was made to do this.

I feel a great sense of purpose, pride, privilege and immense joy when I get to photograph the love between a bride and groom and the unbreakable bond of a family.

Marissa from Junebug Weddings sums me up well: "A romantic at heart, Megan truly cherishes her role as a storyteller of love and weddings.  It's through her focus on capturing a wide range of moments and emotions that really encapsulates the essence of your day.  Her fine art photography is classically beautiful while using the best in modern composition and technique, giving each shot an honest and elegant view.  Megan is able to make the process of taking photos easy and enjoyable for everyone involved, feeling just like a friend by your side during such an intimate, meaningful time.  Whatever it is that makes your love and your wedding unique, Megan will capture and narrate with respect, artistry and originality.


Capturing LOVE & LIFE unscripted