My Approach

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My approach to wedding photography and more specifically storytelling:

In essence I am exactly that – a storyteller through pictures. I capture the energy of the day, unscripted emotion and moments throughout the wedding day whilst weaving these images together to tell the tale of your wedding day. I shoot in a professional, unobtrusive, respectful manner. During the day’s proceedings I shoot 100% unposed and during portrait and couple sessions I shoot 70% unposed and the remaining 30% creative, fine art portraits (the ones that you just have to print and hang up on the wall).

My approach to the “shoe (detail) shot”: Instead of shooting details all on their own; for example your wedding shoes by themselves I prefer to capture these detail shots with context and a story within them.  Instead of capturing the shoes by themselves I would rather get a stunning shot of them while the bride is walking and lifting her dress up.  I am always asking myself does the image have context, does it tell a story and does it had to the couples wedding day story.

I respect that most weddings call for some formal photographs such as the family or group photos taken after the ceremony. However too many formal photographs break the cohesion of the day and the opportunity for me to creatively capture the wedding day and all those precious moments.

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