Describe your style

Short Answer: Vibrant. Creative. Storytelling

Long Answer: Using a documentary approach, I capture your day as it unfolds in a raw, organic and emotive way.  With minimal posing I capture all the moments big and small (one of my best compliments I get is how did you capture that I didn't even know you were there).  I also include some fine art imagery and creative portraits that go perfectly on your wall at home.  Think big landscapes where the couple is teeny tiny.

Do you only shoot weddings?

No, I have a passion for caturing people and life and love preserving moments in time.  So I love capturing families, pregnancies, babies and have even just been qualified as a birth photographer.  To see some lifestyle photos click here

Do you travel for weddings?

Yes I do, 70% of my weddings occur outside of Gauteng.

I am unphotogenic/ I am uncomfortable in front of the camera

Not to worry, you are not alone to feel that way.  In fact most do including myself.  What I need from you is to just enjoy your day, to take in everything - you are marrying your person after all.  I move around like a ninja in the dark capturing all the uncandid moments.  Of course during portraits and the couple shoot I will help guide you but there is a big difference between posing and guiding.  Guiding leaves room for natural moments to occur which is how we get those emotive photographs. So basically the less you stress about having your photograph taken the better they will be. :)

Why should you photograph our wedding?

This is a big and important question isn't it!  With so many photographers out there it can be quite a daunting task.  My best advise it to choose someone you vibe with.  We will after all be with you your entire day.  I am a very relaxed and calm person (as I have been told :) ) . I love to make my couples as well as their family and friends have the best experience.  If this sounds like something you are looking for then we would be a great fit.  I do love adventure and a good laugh - so that's a bonus.

Do you shoot group table shots at weddings?

Nope sorry.  I much prefer to get lots of candid shots of your guests having the time of their lives.  This also takes up so much time as you have to wait for everyone to get to the table and this means valuable time that I could be capturing your grandparents getting down on the dance floor.

Do you have a look at the venue beforehand? and what if it rains?

Yes I do, I normally come a little earlier on the day to have a look what will work for the couple shoot.  In terms of rain, if it is pouring buckets during the couple shoot we can wait it out a couple of minutes and shoot inside while we wait to see if it subsides if it doesn't I am completely comfortable in grabbing a couple of the many umbrellas I keep in my boot of my car and head out into the rain.  It makes for moody, cozy and dramatic shots and it is part of your story.

How do you work out where you will be during the wedding day?

I make use of your wedding day timeline and a document that I give you to complete to work out where I will need to be to make sure I don't miss anything.

Quick tip:  I love to leave room between the couple shoot and the reception so that you have some alone time to take a minute to freshen up and steal some kisses before the party starts.  You're welcome :)

What is the best time to schedule our ceremony time?

I recommend working backwards from the time the sun sets.  Ideally we would love to schedule the couple shoot around sunset.  I will gladly help advise you on your ceremony time.

Of course you can throw this all out the window and have the ceremony at sunrise or at sunset (of which I have done both and loved it).  Your day, your rules.

Do you need a place to sit at the reception?

Yes please.  It does not have to be with the guests.  In fact I prefer to have a small table in the corner somewhere as I will be getting up often and prefer not to be a disturbance to your guests.

A vegetarian meal is also greatly appreciated.  It will help give me the energy to get through all the reception festivities.  

How does travel and accommodation work?

100km (round trip) from Sandton is included in all packages, thereafter R4,50km is billed.  Weddings 80km away require 1 night accommodation and weddings 150km away require 2 nights accommodation.  Nothing fancy just somewhere close to the venue that is safe to leave my gear.

If your wedding or elopement is further than a 6 hour drive please budget for flight tickets as well.  

How long will it take to receive our photos?

It will take 6 to 8 weeks to receive your images.  Should you order an album as well, once the layout is finalized it will take an additional 1 to 2 weeks to complete.

How do we confirm you as our photographer?

Once you have decided on a package or have accepted a customised quotation a 50% deposit is required as well as a signed contract to secure the wedding date.  The remaining amount is due one month prior to wedding date.

Should you prefer to pay the deposit over a couple of month that can also be arranged.