Nicola & Niall | Casalinga, Johannesburg

Nicola is Niall's muse - no seriously - he is a published poet and is currently writing a book with the main character inspired by Nicola. Does it get more romantic. Nicola is a sweet heart with a great love for people and her people.

So many incredible moments during the day. The vows and speeches were next level amazing.

Nicola is a huge fan of Strictly Come Dancing and they had many ballroom dancing lessons leading up to the big day. She was so excited for the first dance. Niall and his groomsmen surprised her at the end the dance with the theme song from the show and the groomsmen holding up the shows judges faces and the perfect 10 score.

Incredibly fortunate to meet such special people and to create memories for them to tressure forever.

"When we came across Megan's photos, it was love at first sight! We'd spent months agonising over which photographer to choose, and within seconds we knew Megan was perfect for us. When we got our photos, we were absolutely spellbound. Megan must have a magical way to teleport because she was somehow in 200 different places at once, and took the most incredible candids of every single special moment throughout the day.

What was even more incredible to us is her kind, gentle character. She balances her lightning-sharp energy with such a cool, calm and collected presence. We felt instantly at ease in her company, and we never felt nervous, shy or rushed. She is without a doubt the best in the business and we're so grateful she was part of our day."