Behind The Lens

I'm a wife, mommy, adventure and light seeker. I love the stillness of the bush, a good cup of coffee and I am living out my dream getting to tell stories through photographs while getting to travel to the most incredible places our beautiful country has to offer.

I really do believe that my camera is an extension of me and of my heart, and I honestly believe that I was made to do this.

My love for people and connection and being able to capture this in a raw, honest and creative way is what makes my heart skip a beat.

I feel a great sense of purpose, pride, privilege and immense joy when I get to photograph love. With 10 years being in this industry I can only say I am even more passionate about it now than ever before.

"When we came across Megan's photos, it was love at first sight! When we got our photos, we were absolutely spellbound. Megan must have a magical way to teleport because she was somehow in 200 different places at once, and took the most incredible candids of every single special moment throughout the day. What was even more incredible to us is her kind, gentle character. She is without a doubt the best in the business and we're so grateful she was part of our day."


My Photography Philosophy

My philosophy is simple - every photo needs to tell a story.  I love to achieve this in a creative, non obtrusive, honest and raw way. When you look back at your photographs 10, 20 - 50 years down the line I don't want you to remember what it looked like l want you to remember what it felt like, I want it to ignite something deep within your heart and soul.

I am here to capture the real connection and bond between you as a couple and all your friends and family. It goes beyond being in the right place at the right time and clicking the shutter. It's so much more than that.

It is using emotional intelligence to foresee a moment that is about to transpire. It is knowing your gear and skill so well that you are prepared at any given time to capture spontaneity. It is being able to bring calm, intimacy and trust to the couple shoot portion of the day.

Can you tell yet I am passionate about this?

"Megan has a chemistry about her that immediately made us feel at ease. Megan tells your story and steers clear of the cookie cutter formulaic approach that makes it impossible to differentiate one photographer from another. What Megan does is ensure the emotion of that moment is captured, and every time you look back at you at your photographs, like we are, will be transported back to those precious fleeting moments. Its your gateway back. It’s time travel and Megan is simply a genius.”


The Experience

I am more than just the person taking the wedding photos I am there to enhance your day - through my calming presence, to my "funny" jokes, to being there for you both when you need an extra pair of hands.

I genuinely care about you and your wedding day and really do want you to have the best day ever filled with love, laughter, adventure. I am here for all of it.

I am not a photographer who will be in your face the whole day, I will respectfully keep my distance during the ceremony but still capture all of the moments - that sneaky tear the groom thought no one saw, that look between the two of you that lastest only but a second but speaks of 10 years of love. I get goosebumps even writing this because I am so passionate about sealing these moments in time.

When I am not being a fly on the wall capturing everything that is naturally happening around us I am making sure our time together taking portraits, family photos and the couple shoot is relaxed, calm and fun. I am all about slowing down the pace of the wedding day so you really can take it in at the same time.

Traveling for the big day

Travel within Gauteng as well as Greater Kruger National Park, Mpumalanga, Limpopo and Free State are included.

Weddings in other provinces and neighbouring countries are so welcome and will be quoted upon enquiry.

Pricing & Packages

Package 1

Engagement Shoot
10 Hours Coverage
700+ Images
Keepsake Memory Box with USB
Online Gallery To Share All Your Photos With Friends & Family
Sneak Peak Gallery
30 x 30cm Album


Package 2

Engagement Shoot
9 Hours Coverage
600+ Images
Keepsake Memory Box with USB
Online Gallery To Share All Your Photos With Friends & Family
Sneak Peak Gallery

R23 000

Package 3

9 Hours Coverage
600+ Images
Online Gallery To Share All Your Photos With Friends & Family
Sneak Peak Gallery
Keepsake Memory Box with USB

R21 000

Package 4

||ELOPEMENTS|| (Max 40 guests)
6 Hours Coverage
360+ Images
Online Gallery To Share All Your Photos With Friends & Family
Sneak Peak Gallery
100km Travel

R15 000


Second Photographer

Lovely to have if you and your fiance are getting ready in two different locations or you are expecting more than 120 guests


30 x 30cm Album

Fine art bespoke album
Linen cover
Embosing detail


20 x 20cm Album

Duplicate album
Perfect gift for the parents


Engagement Shoot

A great chance to seal an incredibly special time in your life into photographs.
You are married for a lifetime but you are only engaged for a season.
Intimate 1 hour photo shoot at home or at a location of your choice.
80+ Images
Online Gallery




Yes I do. I love combining my passion for travel and capturing love so please do get in touch. I particularly love the bush so if you happen to be tying the knot in the wild - Im your girl.

Travel in Gauteng, Free State, Mpumalanga and Limpopo is included. Travel outside these provinces will be quoted upon enquiry.

For weddings more than 1 hours drive from Sandton, Johannesburg I require 1 nights accommodation for the night of the wedding. For weddings further than 2 hours drive I require 2 nights accommodation. For the night before and the night of the wedding. That way I can scout locations and the venue the day before and feel reshreshed for a full day of shooting on your wedding day.


This is a big and important question isn't it! With so many photographers out there it can be quite a daunting task to choose the right one. My best advise it to choose someone you vibe with. We will after all be with you your entire day. I am a very relaxed and calm person (as I have been told :) ) . I love to make my couples as well as their family and friends have the best experience. If this sounds like something you are looking for then we would be a great fit. I do love adventure and a good laugh - so that's a bonus.

Just go with your gut!

Do you need a place to sit at the reception?

Yes please. It does not have to be with the guests. In fact I prefer to have a small table in the corner somewhere as I will be getting up often and prefer not to be a disturbance to your guests.

A vegetarian meal is also greatly appreciated. It will help give me the energy to get through all the reception festivities.

I also prefer to eat when you eat that way I won't miss any of the speeches. No one likes their photo been taken while they are eating - so I won't be missing anything any way :)


I always arrive at the venue beforehand to scout for cool couple shoot locations.

In terms of rain, if it is pouring buckets during the couple shoot we can wait it out a couple of minutes and shoot inside while we wait to see if it subsides if it doesn't I am completely comfortable in grabbing a couple of the many umbrellas I keep in my boot of my car and head out into the rain. It makes for moody, cozy and dramatic shots and it is part of your story.


I make use of your wedding day timeline and a document that I give you to complete to work out where I will need to be to make sure I don't miss anything.
Quick tip: I love to leave room between the couple shoot and the reception so that you have some alone time to take a minute to freshen up and steal some kisses before the party starts. You're welcome :)

Please also send me your timeline while you are working on it so I can look at and make sure you are getting the most out of your day.


I recommend working backwards from the time the sun sets. Ideally we would love to schedule the couple shoot around sunset. I will gladly help advise you on your ceremony time.
Of course you can throw this all out the window and have the ceremony at sunrise or at sunset (of which I have done both and loved it). Your day, your rules.

Here is an example of a tradtional wedding day timeline during summer (for Autumn and Spring weddings you can move everything half and hour early. For winter weddings move the timeline 1 hour earlier.

16h00 - 16h40 ceremony
16h40 - 17h00 | congratulations
17h00 - 17h40 | family & bridal party photos
17h40 - 18h45 | couple shoot
19h00 | reception starts


It will take 8 to 10 weeks to receive your images. Should you order an album as well, once the layout is finalized it will take an additional 1 to 2 weeks to complete.

I know the wait for wedding photos is excruciating so as a little bonus I send you a gallery within the first week after the wedding with between 50 and 100 photos.

You're welcome ;)

How many photos do we receive and can we have the RAW files

You will see in all my packages I don't say a maximum number of photos that you will receive and this is because that all depends on the day.

I am definitely not going to withhold any photographs that you will love and that will add to your story.

As for the RAW files. I do not give any RAW files out. That's like asking a chef to give you the fresh produce before they have been given the chance to turn it into a beautifully tasty dish.


I do not take it lightly that I have your memories with me. While I am shooting I am simultaneously shooting on two memory cards (Back Up 1 happening as I shoot).

When I drive home from a shoot I put 1 set of in my bra (yes you heard right - God forbid my car gets hijacked)

I then back up onto two hard drives and the final images get loaded onto an online gallery.

What do you need from us before the wedding

I will need your timeline as well as completed form that I will send to you after you book me. This form will have information on it such as who needs to be in each formal family group photo, all the names of your bridal party and immediate family, any sensitive family issues I might need to be aware of.

Once I have all of this I then create the timeline that I will follow on the day, which I will then send to you as well :)

How do we book you as our wedding photographer

I will need 25% deposit and a signed contract to secure your date in my calendar.

The balance is then due one month before the wedding date.



  1. Set up a video chat with me or schedule a coffee date to get to know me better, have me answer any of your questions and to see if we a good fit.
  2. 25% Deposit and a signed contract is required to secure your date. The balance is then due one month before the wedding.
  3. Then you are all set and let's make magic happen